Monday, November 26, 2012

Hello World

Assalamualaikum dear viewers, its been a while since i last wrote on this blog, an yeah life is quite hectic lately making it so hard for me to even find some time to think about myself. Cant believe me? You can ask the others. Yeah being a college student is not the same as being a high school student and yeah since i am in my second semester here in MSU, of course its hard to balance everything at one time. Meetings here and there, classes, and not to mention some other activities that is conducted by the campus societies. Social life? A person my age would know how it feels to be a college student. Hard. But i stupendously survived. Err kinda. Huhu. Dont talk to me about crushes and love an stuff as i am not in a relationship for the time being. You can refer to other blogs for that (at least for now). So i guess this is the end of this entry as i will try to update this blog from time to time. And as for Hisham, i guess he is doing just fine there in usa. Well i hope. Coz i really need him to be okay as he is my closest friend before he leave to USA