Monday, November 26, 2012

Hello World

Assalamualaikum dear viewers, its been a while since i last wrote on this blog, an yeah life is quite hectic lately making it so hard for me to even find some time to think about myself. Cant believe me? You can ask the others. Yeah being a college student is not the same as being a high school student and yeah since i am in my second semester here in MSU, of course its hard to balance everything at one time. Meetings here and there, classes, and not to mention some other activities that is conducted by the campus societies. Social life? A person my age would know how it feels to be a college student. Hard. But i stupendously survived. Err kinda. Huhu. Dont talk to me about crushes and love an stuff as i am not in a relationship for the time being. You can refer to other blogs for that (at least for now). So i guess this is the end of this entry as i will try to update this blog from time to time. And as for Hisham, i guess he is doing just fine there in usa. Well i hope. Coz i really need him to be okay as he is my closest friend before he leave to USA

Friday, July 6, 2012

There's Never A Right Time To Say Goodbye.

Assalamualaikum fellow viewers.,
by the title,
you would know that this post will be something sad for me.,
well that is what most of my posts will sound like here.,

This time, this post,
Is specially for Muhammad Amirulhisham Bin Mohd. Badrulhisham.
A good, one of a kind friend.,
who will be going to USA for his Bachelor studies.,

We were good once,
But as the title said, there's never a right time to say goodbye,
sometimes, it's quite dramatic how life changes the situation between these two individuals.,

we knew each other since we were like 14.,
and now we are going separate ways.,
I'm not assuming you as a close friend of mine but yeah what we had is enough.,

Somewhere, any day in this month, you will leave Malaysia, to a whole new world and environment there in USA.,
In 4 or 5 years you will be back.,
but during that time I will try to live with the moments that we had.,

A good friend will always remain, a bad enemy will always go.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Pleasant Surprise.

Hello bloggy,
we meet again,
yeah it's been a while sin I last posted an entry here.
Busy with something called life.

eventhough I've already graduated from highschool.
but apart from that, life has been quite amazing in February, and quite harsh in April.

In 2012,
I've been spending a lot of time with my family.

During December of 2011,
I got my own car,
which is a Satria Neo Highline 1.6

Okay so,
This is it.
1-My cousin got married

2-Got my own driving license

3-My dad went on a surgery (minor surgery) and I got the chance to take care of hi
m at the Hospital (KPJ Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital)

4-My sister delivered her baby which is my first nephew (Khairul Aafi Ikmal)

5-Been there for Faiz during his departure to Korea.

6-And last but not least, met NW for 2 times in 4 days.

yes, regarding number 6, yes I met NW, (WHAT AIMAN?! 2 TIMES IN 4 DAYS?! ARE YOU FOR REAL?!) yes bitch, it's true, but I didn't speak or talk to him, nor greeting him when he came. (AND WHY IS THAT?) I don't know, maybe I was so surprised that he came to my nephew's place. I was kinda O.o "Is this f**king real life?" but yeah kinda regret it but what to do, it's the past. But FYI, I dunno you were coming until You're at Banting. -.-
I kinda believe in the quote I got from my dearest sistah Anney, "Whatever happen, happens"
I'll be there for you. Always.
Yes dear, if it happen, it happens.
I really don't wanna talk about the past now.

Instead, just last saturday night, I found out about somebody posting pictures of NW with some crappy-ass words. And yes bitch, I was pissed off. Hello you're posting about someone that I've once fall in love with! (EHM, ONCE OR STILL?) *no comment* but hey it'ssomething that we all call as feelings. I am more than who I choose to be with okay? so what if I'm still not "OVER IT"? got any problems? BITCH, lemme tell you something. This f**king relationship that I'm not over with is not like yours! okay! flirt-date-break. NO! I've plan my LIFE with this person okay!
sorry coz I took this picture without ur permission. Cropped the registration number so that your identity is safe. This is the only latest picture of "us". :'(

And for the record,
I've always think (And still thinking) whether I could have a chance to live like I've always wanted in the future.


And psychologically,
if you're planning something for so long,
how can you just rip out the pages?
5 years maaaan.

No. This time I'm not holding back the real me,
if NW somehow managed to read this, then it's better.

How can you not care about yourself when somebody out there is posting crap stuff about you? how is it okay? Even I never reveal your true identity in my blog.

NW, listen, I've planned everything for us. But it's you. YOU. It's up to you to decide.
(CRIED MUCH?) No. Why? Coz I've done my best. At least for the past 5 years. When there was you and me.


Whoops, it's 1.41am and gtg to bed.
chiao. :)