Friday, January 2, 2015

See Through Me

Assalamualaikum followers!
First lets just wipe all these dust on my blog.
Alhamdulilah it is the New Year! I hope its not too late to wish a happy new year to all of you here. 
And hey guess what I am turning 21 this year, and becoming a Bachelor student. *achievement unlocked* 
Yesterday, I had my blood tested. The doctor took so many blood out of me that I shrunk like literally 0.0001% haha jk jk. After that I went to Masjid Negeri of Selangor to perform Jumu'ah prayer.

If you scroll down to my "definition of "broken"" post, the person mentioned there will be turning one year older on March. 

God. If only it lasted, its nearly a year! But yeah I still can't get over it well slowly but surely (as if I had a choice). 

Anyway, again I'm wishing all of you a happy new year! Have a great and prosperous year ahead of you. 

May Allah bless us all, Amin.
Till then.


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