Monday, January 21, 2013

A Sorrow Sky.

Once again as usual, in this post, today, in this blog, I would like to say and update about you Mr.Perfectionist. Hows life there in USA.,?? I bet everything is fine there right.,?? especially after the new video that you have uploaded on facebook.,

About the title, yeah, its usually my sad and bad side of myself and today I'm gonna talk about my sorrow sky here.,

Sorrow sky.,?? Why Aiman.,??

Its because of you, I keep on seeing you everywhere I go, in my dreams, while I'm awake, i saw people that resemble you, that acted like you, a person with your voice, your looks, your face, your hair, your traits and everything about you.

Sometimes, living in my shoes is not fun at all when all my past keeps on haunting me, the past between me and you, our past, what we had together.,

When love is no longer there with you, yes that's when you can feel all the pain, yeah and the fact that I'm all alone here in Malaysia to bear all these pain is just not fair because I deserve to be happy like the others as well.,

Black Myvi, White Myvi Extreme, Black Naza Ria, it's all related to you, how can I ever forget you when my own senior has your looks.,!!

I know I've been talking crap and nonsense but you should know that I'm left here all alone and hurt.,

When you lose someone, someone you love, when they break your heart, it's the hardest thing that you could ever go through.,

and no matter how much time has passed, it never really goes away.,

you may think that I'm getting better,

but then I tend to get a flashback, about you, about us, about what we had together.,

and I always hear a song that reminds me of a memory, and it hits me all over again.,

all at ONCE, like a STAB on the CHEST.,

I fall apart, for the hundredth time, and I feel like I just wanna crawl under the rock and never come out again to face real life, because why.,?? realizing that you wont be there in my real life.,

I love this person, with all my heart, even though I know that I shouldn't.,
You hurt me worse than you've ever been hurt.,

I tried not to love you anymore, not to miss you anymore, but I know that I will always will.,

And forever after, I will keep my promises towards you., 


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